Call-out for grassroots activists training for trainers – Romania, 2016

Call-out for grassroots activists training for trainers – Romania, 2016

Training for Trainers is a week-long training aimed at grassroots activists, who want to develop their facilitation skills.

Aims of the training

  • empowering people from grassroot groups in Eastern and Central Europe by offering a space to share skills and tools for facilitation of workshops and meetings, self-organizing, working within groups.
  • increasing collective knowledge about topics related to group processes (like consensus decision-making, conflict resolution, stress and burnout, hierarchies and dynamics and more) in a participatory way, including local contexts and critical perspective.
  •  to motivate people to create training collectives based on their experiences
  • strengthening international network by getting to know each other, exchanging resources and materials, sharing information about local/regional situation within the movement and popularize self-education as a way of political involvement.

Who is the training for?

People involved in grassroots activism who would like to give workshops and support radical movements and groups through trainings. The training is aimed at activists from Central, Eastern or Southern Europe.

What is the content of the training?

The content will include topics as: non-hierarchical organizing, taking decisions by consensus, facilitation, conflict resolution, group dynamics, sustainable activism, designing workshops and trainings, trainer skills. The course will be held in accessible international English.

Who will offer the training?

Trainers from SPINA collective, Poland (, ?casă collective, Romania ( and Anti-University, Belarus

When and where?

The training will take place on May 17-23, 2016, in central part of Romania.


In order to apply please fill in the application form (download here and send it to training4trainers [at] riseup dot net until 15th of March 2016. The number of participants is limited to around 20-25 persons. The participation in the course is free of charge. Transport, food and accommodation will be covered by the organisers.


If you have any questions regarding the training, feel free to contact us via email at training4trainers [at] riseup dot net